Winning Combo

Acey Srubar shows off belt buckles most recently won in rodeo riding events. The six-year-old also claimed the most points in a riding series to bring home this saddle, her first prize of this kind. She and Frito, her horse, a winning team and hope to keep riding for more prizes. Srubar participates in riding cloverleafs, seen in top photos, figure 8s, poles and mystery events. She is also learning how to rope, so she can enter other events using her new talent. She is the daughter of Amanda and Sheriff Shannon Srubar.

Six-year-old Acey Srubar, daughter of Sheriff Shannon and wife Amanda Schoelman Srubar, has been riding since she was a toddler. She first learned how to sit in the saddle and ride on her pony Bullwinkle at the age of two. As she matured, she advanced to a horse, first riding Sandy Bar and now Frito who helped her claim the 2021 PeeWee All Around Champion saddle recently in a Rogue Rodeo event in Rosenberg.

She competes in cloverleafs, figure 8s, poles and mystery events, all of which when points are combined from the different rodeos she participates in, has given her the top score to win the saddle.

“She has been doing competitive events since she was age two,” Amanda said. “She has been riding by herself since she was three years old on her pony Bullwinkle.”

Amanda, who is from Taiton, comes from a rodeoing family herself.

“Our whole family rides and competes,” she said. “I sure was hoping she was going to like it. And she does.”

According to Amanda, they ride three times a week and on weekends they are usually traveling to compete in a rodeo or a barrel racing event. Acey’s little sister, Alley, also rides. She is just four-years-old.

“She (Alley) started on Bullwinkle, too,” Amanda said. “He’s a wonderful pony.”

Alley, who has also graduated to a horse, has a horse named Doc.

This is Acey’s first saddle to win. She’s won several belt buckles, but the saddle is an exceptional surprise.

“She was so excited,” Amanda said. “She didn’t know she was winning the series. She was just shocked.”

Acey received her saddle on Friday, Sept. 24 and hopes to break it in soon.

“She can’t wait,” Amanda said.

One of Acey’s favorite events to compete in is goat ribbon pulling.

“She loves it,” Amanda said.

Acey is also learning how to rope so she can do more rodeo events like breakaway roping.

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