Riding With Purpose

Susie Orsak of El Campo and other riders are riding for a cause. That cause is child cancer research. Through donations, the team hopes to collect $20,000 for the cause.

Susie Orsak of El Campo and about 40 other riders from the surrounding area are teaming up to take a stand against cancer.

“This September, I am taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids’ cancer. I’ve decided to ride 200 miles and raise $500 this month to help fight for kids’ cancer,” Orsak said in her social media post.

The cause is close and dear to Orsak, who is friends of a family affected by childhood cancer.

“Some friends of ours from Palacios, Troy and Mary Ann Shimek ... their grandson, Robert Aparicio, five years old, has cancer,” she said.

The statistics are alarming, too, when it comes to children having cancer.

“Right now, cancer is the biggest killer of children from disease in the United States,” she said. “Over 15,700 children are diagnosed every year, and sadly, 38 children die of cancer every week.”

Money pledged to her team of riders, Team Beef, will go to support the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

“Kids should be living life, not fighting for it,” Orsak said. “So I am raising funds through my challenge to help these kids and support Children’s Cancer Research Fund to allow them to continue their work to develop lifesaving treatments and find a cure for childhood cancer.”

The goal of the group is $20,000.

“Please support me by making a donation to give these kids the brighter futures they deserve,” Orsak said. “Your support will change little lives.”

To make a contribution, go to Susie Orsak’s Facebook page for the link to the site where you can make a donation.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. To learn more or to get involved, visit: ccrf.org/CCAM.

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