Derby Dolls

The Fighting Ricebirds gave their all on the playoff field with the Derby Dolls supporting them with matching enthusiasm each week. Now, the boys get to take a breather while the dance team is just getting geared up to dive into their competition season.

“Derby Dolls is at its core a spirit organization. We really came together as a community to support our boys,” senior Cambrie Priesmeyer said. Adding that every year is a balance of football season where we are there to add to the excitement and competition season where we dance for ourselves.

For the last several weeks, the Derby Dolls dance team has been planning extra routines and working harder than ever to make sure they were impressive to support the team on the field, all the while prepping for their own spring contests where they will be judged on the merit of their technical skill on the dance floor.

While the demands of practice and planning and being ready to change plans on a dime have added stress and called on a higher level of flexibility and adaptability, the girls wouldn’t have it any other way.

“There’s just so much excitement from week to week. It makes you appreciate every moment, because you don’t know if that’s the one (moment) you’re going to look back on in 20 years.” senior Brianna Shanks said.

Now the girls have their contest season to prepare for and with it several big events that will round out the rest of their year-long season.

“People assume that when football is done, we’re done, but we’re just getting started.” senior Aiyana Gonzalez said.

The dancers will hit the ground running when they return from holiday break to prepare for a virtual contest. They’ll record and submit those routines Jan. 13.

“This first virtual contest allows them to compete against other schools who still may not be allowed to travel due to Covid,” sponsor Jenna Lawson said.

The girls will then take their routines to contest in Stafford in early Feb. where they’ll compete in solo, duet and ensemble categories.

They’ll finish out the school year with a spring showcase where the girls get to show their parents, classmates, and community their hard work from the entire year.

The seniors look forward to seeing this year’s dance season through to the end in May, having not yet had what they would consider a “normal” season due to Covid restrictions and season interruptions the past two years. They’re hopeful that this, their final year on the dance floor, will continue uninterrupted and allow them to reap the benefits of their years of training and dedication.

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