Project Design Takes Shape

Kaylee Horn, left, and Layleigh Davila choose from an assortment of fabric to begin a pillow sewing project. Horn has been teaching sewing skills at the Pilgrim Rest After School Activities Program this fall.

What started as a hobby at the direction of her Nana, Ruth Langenberg, has become a labor of love and so much more for 13 year-old Kaylee Horn. At first projects were small, starting with a skirt on her grandmother’s sewing machine to now taking on the duty of teaching the art of sewing. Through the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church After School Program, Horn is passing on her love of sewing by helping students  craft precious creations, which up to now have included hair scrunchies and throw pillows.

When school started, Horn reached out to Niesha Brown, director of the after school program, to donate pencil pouches and supplies to the students in the program. Brown said as soon as she saw the pouches, beautifully sewn and filled with school supplies by the teen, she knew she had to get her involved in the program to pass on her skills.

Horn says she is grateful for the experience.

 “I do it to show leadership to others,” she said. As a leader, she is a role model to this small group of students most days after school. She has also become a budding entrepreneur, fundraising to help purchase materials and equipment to keep the program going by raffling several of her custom t-shirt creations on Facebook.

Mom, Kelly Horn, spoke affectionately about the project and her daughter saying, “She shows so much commitment and dedication. We’re so proud.”

Horn’s service to the community has become a family affair. Horn’s sewing skills were learned from her Nana, Horn continues learning and researching what she doesn’t already know. Both of her parents and grandparents support her efforts by transporting her to various classes and helping prepare and transport supplies. Horn is continuously working to hone her skill. Her mom says it has also prompted her to research and learn so that she can keep up with and help her daughter with the crafts.

Program director Niesha Brown is excited about adding this aspect to their after school program and appreciative of Horn’s willingness to share her skill with other students

 “She is dedicated and has made it her ministry,” Brown said.

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