Committee members of the Bluebonnet Extension Education Club are heading up their major fundraiser of selling pecans, peanuts and other nut varieties again this year. This project, once led by the Taiton Extension Education Club, raises funds for Wharton County 4-H programs and for other causes.

Perfect for gift-giving or just entertaining, assorted nuts can be ordered and delivered to your doorstep in time for Thanksgiving.

Pecans are very versatile, making them a delicious snack by themselves or by adding to any number of recipes, from quick breads, desserts, side dishes and more.

Walnuts and peanuts are equally great additions to desserts, salads and main course recipes, like pecan crusted chicken.

Offerings such as nut mixes make great gifts. Some examples are the one-pound California mix which includes almonds, walnuts, dried apricots, diced dates, banana chips, seedless raisins, coconut chips, cashews and sunflower seeds. It sells for $7.

The Cran-Slam, a delicious mix of dried cranberries, walnut pieces, diced pineapple, raisins, roasted and salted almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, is $7.50 for a one-pound package.

The Fiesta mix is a blend of barbecue corn sticks, taco sesame sticks and hot and spiced peanuts for $5.25.

At $7 a bag, the Hunter’s mix includes cashews, cocktail peanuts, sesame sticks, sesame seeds, natural almonds, pecan halves and peanut oil and salt. The Mountain mix at $7 includes roasted and salted almonds and cashews, cocktail peanuts, raising and M&M candies.

The one-pound Texas deluxe mix is $10.25 and is a mixture of roasted and salted pecans, cashews, almonds and Brazil nuts.

Pecan halves start at 1 pound for $12.50, three pounds for $36 and a five pound box for $60. Pecan pieces in the same increments are $12, $35.50 and $59.

Another great gift item is the one-pound pecan sampler with milk chocolate pecans, creamy white pecans and cinnamon frosted and praline frosted pecans for $15. The two-pound sampler is $28.50 and is filled with the same nuts plus amaretto frosted and pina colada frosted pecans.

Raw Spanish peanuts come in a 3-pound cloth bag for $10. Redskin, cocktail and hot and spicy peanuts are available in a one-pound bag for $4.50. In a 12-ounce bag, chocolate peanuts sell for $5.75 and honey roasted peanuts are $5.50.

Other one-pound nuts include cashews, walnut halves and pieces, pistachios and raw whole almonds for $10 per bag.

Pecans, which also come in a variety of flavors in a 12-ounce bag, include sugar free chocolate at $10.50 per bag; chocolate covered almonds for $9; and milk chocolate, praline frosted, cinnamon frosted and chocolate toffee covered pecans at $8.50 per bag.

All proceeds will be used for various projects the club supports, such as scholarships and making donations to 4-H events..

Committee members will be taking orders now through Wednesday, Sept. 30. To place an order, call Norma Korenek, 979-541-6356; Donna Shimek, 979-320-7850; Cynthia Priesmeyer, 979-578-1867 or Genevieve Hicks, 979-240-9700.

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