Floral Formation

Kathy and Larry Hlavaty, 401 Sam Houston Dr., are pleased with the abundant floral display in their front flower beds despite the extreme heat. With the use of an irrigation system, the couple stay on top of watering demands that keep everything looking vibrant. Like many homeowners, they too experienced plant loss during the freeze in February, but most plants surprisingly resurfaced and have thrived despite the harsh cold that lasted several days.

Over a year ago, Kathy and Larry Hlavaty re-landscaped the exterior of their home, from flower beds to installing some special features with the exception of one tree.

“We completely re-landscaped our yard when we purchased this home,” Kathy said. “We removed everything that was in the flowerbeds and started over, including removing old rose bushes and bottle brush shrubs. Larry installed a fountain and we made that our focal point. The Magnolia Tree on the edge of our flower bed is original to the house and we love the tree and I enjoy using the leaves and blossoms to decorate.”

The couple, who live at 401 Sam Houston Dr., purchased their home one and a half years ago and just learned they were chosen as Yard of the Month. The distinction comes from the El Campo Garden Club with member Pat Buss and Delores Janik making the selection.

“Thank you to the Garden Club,” Kathy said. “We were surprised and honored to be chosen for August Yard of the Month. It is an awesome compliment that others noticed our yard, especially when there are so many beautiful yards in El Campo.”

Along the perimeter of the front of the home are beds filled with abundant color. To keep color throughout the year, the couple plant according to the season.

“The majority of our plants are seasonal,” she said. “We love color and so each season, we start with several favorite colors and varieties that we like and choose flowers that will have long lasting blooms. We have some favorites but enjoy selecting a few different or unusual plants each season.”

February’s winter blast was devastating for the Hlavaty’s landscape.

“The freeze was especially hard on everything this year,” she said. “We lost a Sago Palm and replaced it with a large ceramic pot with a variety of plants.”

Regular watering with an irrigation system enables the couple to keep up with moisture needs for plants and grass. When it comes to the laboring in the yard, Larry tends to the mowing and edging while both see to the plant selection and maintaining upkeep of the flower beds.

Kathy says the flowers have done exceptionally well despite the heat this summer.

“Although the heat has been tough on our flowers, they are still adding color for this time of year,” she said.

On days when weather permits, the couple enjoy being outdoors, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

“We love that our neighborhood is very family oriented,” she said. “We enjoy sitting in the front yard in the evenings to listen to the peaceful and relaxing sounds of the water fountain and visit with the neighbors.”

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