Crawfish Heaven

Known for their farm-to-table crawfish, Craig and Debbie Radley and their business Pinchers Boil’n Pot will be featured on the Texas Bucket List. The show airs Saturday, April 27, 5 p.m. on NBC. Filming took place a couple weeks ago and will have about an eight minute segment on the local restaurant that also serves seafood, burgers and more.

They’ve made a name for themselves in El Campo and the surrounding area, but all that’s about to change for Pinchers Boil’n Pot owners Craig and Debbie Radley as their farm-to-table restaurant is being featured on the TV series The Texas Bucket List as one of the top crawfish places to eat in the state.

“I’m sure it will bring in more business from those that don’t know about us,” Craig said.

A two-person crew with host Shane McAuliffe and his cameraman paid the Radley’s a visit a little over two weeks ago for interviews and filming at the restaurant and the Radley’s crawfish farm.

“We are just getting started (with farming crawfish),” Craig said. The later harvest compared to Louisiana producers, Craig said, ensures he has good quality crawfish.

“They interviewed me for about 45 minutes,” Craig said.

McAuliffe also interviewed customers Scott and Marie Powell and Remmington Morton, who once worked for the Radleys running crawfish trucks.

“They spent six hours filming on Monday (April 8) and then again the next day at the farm,” he said.

To film the segment “they used six different pieces of equipment,” he said, including cameras and a drone.

From two-days of filming and interviews, Craig said the segment on Pinchers will be about eight minutes long.

“It was fun,” Craig said. “He (McAuliffe) is real engaging.”

The Radleys and their business were discovered at a recent food show in Houston that Debbie and their son Coy Radley attended.

“We were at a food show in Houston when I met Coy and Debbie Radley,” McAuliffe said. “When they told us about the uniqueness of the restaurant, we knew it was a place we had to feature.”

The show, which will also feature two other places, Palo Duro Creek Ranch in Canyon and Murdoch’s Backyard Pub in Cypress, will air at 5 p.m. CST today on NBC. However, producers have already informed the Radleys that “if the Soccer World Cup runs late, the show will air at 2 a.m. Sunday,” Craig said. But he’s hoping that won’t happen, “because then no one will get to see it.”

When it comes to featuring restaurants and other attractions across Texas, McAuliffe said he looks for places that are “unique, different, has a good story, and brings something to Texas that you can’t find elsewhere.”

The Texas Bucket List is in its 12th season with headquarters in College Station. McAuliffe, a native of Round Rock, has been recognized with numerous television broadcast excellence awards.

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