What Can I Get You?

Devan Luedecke stands in front of the bar at the Wharton County Country club where he was recently hired to manage. 


Wharton Country Club has hired an El Campo native to be its new manager. 

Devan Luedecke, who graduated from El Campo High School, has been working with the restaurant business since his childhood. 

“Multiple family members have owned [businesses] and operated in the hospitality industry for over 40 years,” said Luedecke. “My brother is a large scale DO for a hospitality company in the Houston area and my uncle owned a restaurant for over 15 years.”

He himself has been in the service industry for almost 14 years.  Eight of those years has been in management and three more in event coordinating.  

Although he is relatively young, he has big goals for his current job.  

“My goals for the club are to improve and expand upon the quality and efficiency of our restaurant-bar/clubhouse/event side of our business and turn a long-time staple of the community and county into something even more special,” Luedecke said.   

The golf course has been a fixture for Wharton for many years.  It is currently open to the public on Tuesdays and Saturdays, provided there are not events/tournaments on those days. Players are also directed to follow the guidelines for the code of conduct and dress code.  

People have asked if the public has permission to use the Wharton Country Club dining room, but Luedecke said that is not possible at this time.

“Dining privilege is currently restricted to members and their guests only,” said Luedecke, “but there are plans to open to the public in some capacity in the near future.” 

Luedecke said he is excited about the future and his new role as manager. 

“We look forward to some wonderfully fun and positive changes coming to the club in the near future,” said Luedecke.  

The Wharton Country Club is located at 126 Country Club Drive, just south of Wharton. For more information, visit whartoncountryclub.com/.

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