Much Deserved Award

Irma Rocha, right, administrative assistant at El Campo Memorial Hospital, was presented an award for professionalism from Ollie Jo Bozeman, left, the woman for whom the award is named after. Bozeman was the first recipient and Rocha is the second person to receive the award. Rocha began her career with the hospital more than 50 years ago, first at the old Nightingale Hospital and then moved to El Campo Memorial when it was built.

Irma Rocha of El Campo Memorial Hospital is the recipient of the Texas Healthcare Trustees’ 2019 Ollie Jo Bozeman Excellence in Administrative Professionalism Award.

The award, created in 2018 in recognition of the significant contributions made by hospital administrative professionals in Texas, recognizes an outstanding hospital administrative professional with an exceptional record of commitment and contributions to ensure quality in hospital governance. Rocha is only the second individual to receive this award.

Rocha, who is administrative assistant at ECMH, celebrated her 50th year at the hospital in 2016.

Her work has been fundamental to the hospital district and has made an impact on every aspect of its commitment to serve patients of the community.

“She always accepts a new challenge, continues to play a vital role in the governance, longevity and success of the hospital, oversees various departments, and has more knowledge of El Campo Memorial Hospital than the local library,” said Nathan Tudor, CEO of El Campo Memorial Hospital.

“Irma Rocha not only represents the values of El Campo Memorial Hospital, but her commitment to the governance of her hospital embodies the spirit of the Ollie Jo Bozeman Excellence in Administrative Professionalism Award,” said Shirley Robinson, president/CEO of the Texas Healthcare Trustees. “We are so honored to be able to highlight her years of dedication to her hospital and community.”

Rocha has worked for the local hospital in El Campo since her graduation from high school in 1966. Prior to her employment there she first waited tables at a local restaurant while a high school student. Upon graduation she landed a job at Nightingale Hospital in El Campo. She was the patient admissions clerk/switchboard operator.

In 1979 the old Nightingale Hospital closed and was moved to the new facility, El Campo Memorial Hospital, on Sandy Corner Road. Rocha helped with the fundraising campaign to build the new facility.

Over the years Rocha has worn many hats, from being administrative assistant, organizing medical staff meetings and inspections and serving as the patient complaint advocate for the hospital and clinic. She has assisted with many other tasks. She has also been a member of a credentialing organization and has attended conferences with the Texas Hospital Association.

“Irma is so deserving of this award. She exemplifies the job of an administrative assistant. Her selfless dedication to her job and to El Campo Memorial Hospital is beyond what is expected. I am so proud of her and her accomplishments of receiving the ‘Ollie Bozeman Award,’” Tudor added.

Rocha, who continues in the role as administrative assistant, celebrated 50 years at the hospital in 2016. She is vested in ECMH as well as the town of El Campo, so much so that she is now involved in yet another fundraising campaign to build another new hospital.

Rocha and husband Victor have two sons, a daughter-in-law and two granddaughters. She is active in the Catholic church and spends most free weekends with her kids and grandkids. She has been involved in theaters where she has played numerous roles on stage for local plays. She was also selected to play a part in a local big screen film “Homebound.”

Texas Healthcare Trustees is a statewide association whose members are Texas hospitals, health systems and health-related organizations.

They provide education and resources to board members of these organizations to help ensure they are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the health care industry and lead their hospital or health system to success. Founded in 1961, it is the oldest trustee organization in the country. THT is affiliated with the Texas Hospital Association and regularly partners with the Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals.

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