What’s that I smell? I think it’s pumpkin spice with maybe a hint of nutmeg…. Oh and perhaps there’s some cinnamon and holly joining the mix! It is beginning to look and smell like the holidays! I just love the fragrance of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just imagining the smells makes me smile with anticipation and excitement. All the talk about baking, and cooking and eating – the joys of sharing it all with family and friends. Planning holiday get-togethers, where everyone talks at once and laughs and jokes and remembers past holidays, brings such a joyful sense of family time and happiness.

While there’s traveling to plan and gatherings to schedule, don’t forget to relax and enjoy the long weekend of Thanksgiving. Perhaps your joy is holiday shopping or sitting around the campfire with hot cocoa and s’mores or just watching football on TV and taking guesses on who the winners might be. Be thankful for every moment of family time, every wishbone fought over, every holiday dessert and last spoonful of cranberries that are consumed together. Make this Thanksgiving your best holiday yet.

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