Newest Honoree

Janie Naiser Rioux, center, was honored during Mass at St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church on Sunday as the school’s distinguished graduate. Her dedication to the school, church and community were highlighted during the presentation. Also, pictured are Principal Gwen Edwards, left and St. Philip’s priest, Father Michael Rother.

St. Philip Catholic School introduced Janie Naiser Rioux as the distinguished graduate for the 2018-2019 academic school year. Rioux, who attended St. Philip for eight years, graduated from the school in 1960.

According to the person who nominated her, Rioux has exhibited all the characteristics of a person who practices her faith and virtues daily. She can be seen attending Mass every Sunday, no matter the location.

Her leadership skills began at an early age, continued through college and locally by participating in various local civic clubs such as the Sesame and garden clubs and other philanthropic organizations.

Rioux taught at St. Philip, and her reputation was stellar as she received compliments about students receiving a solid foundation.

Her educational philosophy is: “each person has worth regardless of ability and she/he should help each person fulfill their potential.”

Other notable qualities about Rioux is she always looks for the good in people, respects all and has high expectations of everyone. In one of her classes she taught she was known to have said “do as I do” rather than “do as I say.”

She was also known to advocate for students by attending PTC meetings and promoting student needs. As mentioned before, Rioux is a doer. She helped build lockers the PTC purchased and helped as other school needs arose.

She has two children who are alumni of the school. Son Keith is married to Janet, who presently teaches at St. Philip, and Billy and wife Christina live in Austin. Rioux also has four grandchildren, two whom have walked the halls at St. Philip School as well.

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