Family Trio

Parents Elbert and Joan Brune are pictured here with their son, Father Philip Brune, pastor at St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church in El Campo, who just celebrated his fifth year as an ordained priest.

St. Robert Bellarmine parishioners honored Father Philip Brune on his fifth anniversary of ordination which was May 24.

Father Brune’s journey began at Sts. Peter and Paul in Frelsburg when he said he knew in his heart he was called to serve God by the time he was eight.

After graduating high school he attended Holy Trinity Seminary in Irving for four years followed by five years at St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston. He was ordained a Deacon on May 11, 2013 and served under the leadership of Msgr. Lawrence Matula at St. Robert Bellarmine. A year later he was ordained to the Priesthood by Bishop David Fellhauer at Our Lady of Victory Cathedral in Victoria on May 24, 2014.

Father Brune was then assigned with Father Jasper Liggio to Our Lady of Sorrows after ordination. After two and a half years he was reassigned back to St. Robert Bellarmine’s with Msgr. Matula as pastor. A month after Msgr. Matula’s death he was made pastor of St. Robert’s Parish.

Current projects under his leadership include the renovation of CCD classrooms, restructuring of catechetical instruction and the expansion of Hispanic ministry.

The fifth anniversary celebrations started with a Mass of thanksgiving followed by a reception in the hall. Different organizations from the parish and the parishioners presented a feast of different foods, desserts and drinks from different cultures including Mexican, Czech and Vietnamese. Special guests attending were his parents, Elbert and Joan Brune; his uncle and aunt, Lambert and Carol Brune; Leigh Ann Brune, Rachel Klingenberg and Barbara Meyer, all from Frelsburg and Deacon Mike and Bonnie Viera of Palacios

“Father Philip has been an inspiration and a breath of fresh air filled with the Holy Spirit, he has made a tremendous impact on our parish. We are blessed,” said Terri Beltran, regent of Court San Roberto Bellarmine No. 2275.

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