The concept of drive-in and drive-thru events are being implemented more and more now since the coronavirus pandemic hit in the spring. El Campo residents have been creative in planning drive-by birthday parades, drive-thru dinners and fundraisers, a drive-in movie in Danevang (see story below, right) and now a drive-in bingo event.

Senior citizens can sign up for El Campo Memorial Hospital’s first-ever Senior TREK parking lot bingo games on Wednesday, Oct. 28.

“The idea of parking lot bingo came from my mother-in-law, Georgia Mikeska,” ECMH Managed Care and Marketing Coordinator Donna Mikeska said. “She saw or read about it and shared with my husband, who shared with me. Carol (Wooten) and I did some research on the event and felt it would be a perfect fit for our Senior TREK members. We are also making plans for other similar events for our seniors. We are determined to find ways to entertain and keep our Senior TREK members engaged.”

Games will take place in the parking lot of the El Campo Civic Center, starting at 3 p.m. However, cars will need to start lining up at 2:30 p.m.

There will be limited spaces available, so those wishing to participate need to reserve their space now.

New memberships, $10 per year, will be accepted at the event for the 2021-22 year. This will entitle them to a year of membership, plus the months of November and December included free of charge.

Also, current members can renew their membership for the January 2021 - January 2022 year and receive two free months.

There will be 10 games played plus bonus games. Prizes will also be awarded.

Each participant will receive a “Halloween” pinwheel which will be used to signify a winning bingo card by waving it outside the car window.

Letters and numbers can be heard by tuning in and listening to the radio

Mikeska suggests reading your car manual to learn how put your car in auxiliary power position/mode so you can keep your car radio on while the engine is not running. Or bring a battery-operated radio.

“I also want to give a shout out to Kenny Socha for helping us to set up our radio transmission for the event and for the City of El Campo for the use of the civic center parking lot,” Mikeska said.

Numbers will also be called out over a speaker and by a visual display of large numbers.

It is suggested to bring a clip board and marker or dauber to use while playing.

To play, one must register by calling Donna Mikeska, 979-578-5261 (leave a message “Bingo Sign Up” /name/ number) or Carol Wootton, 979-533-2390 (leave a message “Bingo Sign Up” / name / number).

“Seniors age 55 or older are welcome to join the ECMH Senior TREK program,” Mikeska said.

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