Queen Royalty

Mackensie Till of Nada, center, was crowned queen during the Wharton County Youth Fair pageant Saturday evening in Crescent Hall. First runner-up was Kendall Klatt of El Campo, right, and Lana Foyt, left, was second runner-up. Till is the daughter of Kevin and Tammy Till. Klatt’s parents are Dwayne and Amanda Klatt and Foyt is the daughter of Dana Foyt.

Festively decorated for the Fiesta at the Fair theme, six young ladies competed in the final pageant of the day on Saturday with Makensie Till of Nada, daughter of Kevin and Tammy Till, being crowned Queen.

First runner-up went to Kendal Klatt of El Campo, daughter of Dwayne and Amanda Klatt and Lana Foyt of Wharton, daughter of Dana Foyt, was named second runner-up. Other contestants were Erica George of Louise, daughter of Dickie and Susan George; Hannah Sutton of El Campo, daughter of Donald and Fredia Sutton and Leslie Zahn of El Campo, daughter of David and Michele Zahn. Makensie Till was also named Queen of Ticket Sales with 339 season passes being sold and Erica George was selected Miss Congeniality among her peers.

Prior to the pageant, each girl was personally interviewed by the judges. Points were tallied from the interview, stage presentation as the girls modeled in Western attire and formal wear, and self-introductions as well as answering impromptu questions. Fair, 4-H and FFA involvement were also tabulated for the final total.

When asked “where do you see yourself in five years?”, Till plans on being a junior at Texas A&M University studying agribusiness. She hopes to own her own business and return home to “help our community.”

Foyt’s response was: “Lord willing, I will be student at Texas A&M.” She plans to study biomedical science and go to veterinary school.

Klatt had the crowd laughing with her reply. “Sad to say, but I’ll still be in school ... I will be trading my Ricebird ring for an Aggie ring.”

“How has the fair impacted your life,” was asked of George. Her response was “teaches me how to be responsible and raise an animal and being responsible with everything I do.”

Zahn’s response to how has the fair impacted her life, was “many ways ... the responsibility in caring for animals.”

Sutton’s response to “what is your definition of beauty,” was “having self confidence and not worrying about what you look like on the outside but what you have on the inside.”

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