Blooms Abound

The yard of Frank and Patsy Bubela is lush and green and flower beds are in full bloom, thanks to persistant watering and care received by the couple who pride themselves in doing their own yard maintenance. The El Campo Garden Club presented the couple with Yard of Month honors for the month of September.

For the past 23 years, Frank and Patsy Bubela have made 412 Ash their home and during that time, they received Yard of Month honors from the El Campo Garden Club in 2003. Before the couple married, this house was home to Patsy making this her 53rd year in the home. Now, the Garden Club has chosen the couple for the club’s September yard recognition.

“We are very honored since we do all the work,” Patsy said.

Making the selection were Garden Club members Marie Rod, Diana Zabodyn and Gloria Campbell.

When it comes to yard maintenance, Patsy does all the mowing and Frank tends to the trimming duties. She has also discovered that watering the grass and flower beds are key to keeping a lush landscape. She prefers giving the grass and ground beneath it a good soaking, watering each section for an hour or more at a time. She waters whenever her schedule allows since she has her own beauty salon and does hair at a local nursing home during the week. Frank works for Triska Funeral Home where he is a longtime funeral director and embalmer.

Since the last yard of month honors was presented to the couple, Patsy has redone some of the flower beds. She also likes to incorporate lots of potted plants and ferns during the different seasons.

An orange tree, a gift from Patsy’s brother, has added a sentimental touch to the landscape, as well as other cuttings she has received from clients.

“I have a beauty shop in the home,” she said. “A lot of my customers have given me a lot of cuttings.”

Patsy says she will gladly take advice from anyone when it comes to gardening, but says her mother taught her a lot.

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