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Maranda Johnson with Orsak’s Errand Services does some personal shopping for a client. This is just one business providing residents with a contact-free shopping experience, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Some local restaurants and businesses are also providing curbside pick-up or delivery as well.

As residents continue practicing social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic, they are finding resourceful ways to do their shopping while not even stepping into a store.

Our readers have recommended a few in the area who provide contact-free delivery or curbside pick-up at their place of business.

FAVOR, fairly new to El Campo, offers deliveries to your doorstep. You simply download the app and make your selections and let a FAVOR runner do the shopping for you.

“The CDC of El Campo is pleased to announce that FAVOR is also now servicing the City of El Campo,” CDC Director Carolyn Gibson said in a news release. “Not only can they provide groceries from HEB, but they will also offer delivery services for interested local restaurants and retail merchants.”

To place an order at a participating FAVOR store, go to to download their app.

“FAVOR is super easy to use,” Lacey Lara of Ganado said. “I am a runner for FAVOR and used FAVOR plenty of times and I love it.”

Christina Ledwig of El Campo, also a runner for FAVOR, shops for clients in El Campo and Bay City.

“I really enjoy it,” she said. “People are really grateful. It makes you feel really good to take the weight off their shoulders.”

Ledwig, who is cautious when shopping, wears a mask and uses hand sanitizer. Some stores are very proactive she said, with social distancing and wiping down carts between customers.

“But I take my own precautions,” she said.

As of Monday, one may purchase items from the following FAVOR merchants in El Campo: Church’s Chicken, Dairy Queen, Dollar General, HEB, Jack In the Box, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Los Cucos Mexican Cafe, McDonald’s, Mr. Gatti’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Sonic Drive-In, Stripes, Subway, Taco Bell, Walmart, Whataburger and Walgreen’s.

Most require a $6 delivery fee, with the exception of HEB that provides delivery free of charge for those age 60 and older. Stripes also has free delivery. A tip for the driver, or runner will also be charged at the time of purchase.

FAVOR is hiring runners, who will actually do the shopping for you and deliver to your door step, no contact whatsoever. For those interested in doing this, visit:

Orsak’s Errand Services, a locally owned business, does errands for you, from picking up your laundry, food at a restaurant, groceries or other items, waiting for the repair guy to show up at your house or even a furniture delivery.

“Knocking out your to-do list seems to become more complicated every week,” owner Michael Orsak said. “And now add in homeschooling, working from home and social distancing. With the true concept of the personal assistant, OES works with each individual to develop a plan of action that enables a client to feel as if they have accomplished the tasks themselves.”

“Michael is a blessing because she is literally me in the grocery store,” Kim McKelvy of El Campo said. “She already knows what I will accept for a replacement item and what I will not. She is so professional. I never have to return anything or throw anything away because she gets the freshest for me. She is a local, small business in our community, and we should purchase and use local every opportunity we can.”

Orsak’s Errand Services charge a flat fee of $25 for El Campo plus a $5-$10 suggested tip for your driver.

They take several forms of payment and deliver from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m., seven days a week.

In addition to delivery services, Melody Cobb of El Campo suggested several small local businesses who are providing curbside options.

“Prairie Rose Emporium Kitchen Store, Junior’s Smokehouse and Bakery, Novak’s Meat Market, Flowers Etc. & Gifts Inc., Southern Feed & Supply and United Ag General Store have all done curbside orders for me,” Cobb said. “Just call ahead and place your order.”

Cobb, who has relied on outside sources to get her shopping done, has discovered a way to make her pick-up contact-free.

“I’ve taped my payment to my driver’s side window in an envelope if paying by card was not an option and items loaded into the back of the vehicle, all ‘no-contact’ deliveries,” Cobb said. “There are lots of ways around this when we all work together.

“We have not been inside a store or in the presence of others in a month and have been able to get everything needed for our family,” she said.

Many of the local restaurants and some businesses are providing curb-side pick-up, just be sure to call ahead of time to check with them and place your order.

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