In Tender Care

Megan Jurasek at the El Campo City Animal Shelter, left, plays with Heidi, a 10-week old kitten at the city animal shelter. Jurasek tends to animals and their daily needs of food, water and medications. She says the shelter has seen a huge increase in the number of cats and kittens this summer and is urging citizens to get their animals spayed or neutered. Now is also the perfect opportunity to get this done and take advantage of a service from PUPS (Prevent Unwanted Pets) that assists owners with the cost, offering the surgrical service at $30 per cat at a local veterinary clinic. PUPS is a non-profit organzation based in Cat Spring that also takes donations for its program in an effort to keep the cat population down and to keep pets from becoming euthanized. The local animal shelter also makes every effort to arrange for animals to be adopted if they have not been claimed by their owner.

Now through the end of October, cat owners in the El Campo area can take advantage of a special program being spear-headed by PUPS, Prevent Unwanted Pets, to have their cats spayed-neutered at a discounted rate.

“You can spay or neuter any cat for $30 using local vets,” said PUPS member Denise Winter.

This program has come at a very opportune time, as the cat population in El Campo is on the rise, according to City of El Campo Animal Control Officer Megan Jurasek

“This happens every year,” Jurasek said. “We call it kitten season. Cats breed when the weather heats up starting in late Spring.”

The shelter was filled to capacity three weeks ago with 32 cats and kittens. About half have been adopted or transported to rescue centers. At present, the animal control center is caring for 17 cats, some which are pregnant and some who have had a recent litter of kittens that have not been weaned yet.

Jurasek is urging pet owners to get their cat spayed or neutered to keep the kitten population down. Currently, she is trying to find homes for those in her care, but only after they have not been claimed after a number of days.

“We keep them for 72 hours to make sure there is no owner,” she said. Using social media, Jurasek posts photos of animals that have been taken into the shelter, allowing persons an opportunity to claim their pet.

To inquire about the spay-neuter services, call 281-797-4681 to make arrangements.

PUPS, a non-profit organization in Cat Spring, assists individuals with the spaying and neutering of family pets, feral cat (barn cat) colonies and abandoned animals to decrease pet overpopulation in an effort to decrease the number of unwanted/euthanized animals in the area.

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