Sun Loving Plants

It was a bright sunny day when Mike and Rhonda Nordin posed for this photo in their backyard. The couple, who were selected as El Campo Garden Club’s Yard of the Month for July, do the majority of the maintenance themselves. This time of the year proves challenging with the hot weather, but they have plenty of sun-loving tropical and Texas native plants that require less care. The couple stay on top of the yard by watering often and weeding flower beds to ensure the yard doesn’t become unmanageable.

What started out as a joke became reality when Mike and Rhonda Nordin learned they received July Yard of the Month honors.

The couple, who’ve been in their newly built home, 1303 Chapel Lane, a little more than a year, had professionals create landscaped flower bed areas throughout the yard.

“The Sunday evening after DSG, Dee Golden and crew, did the work, upgrades to the front flower beds, I jokingly told Mike, ‘Dang our yard looks so good we could get yard of the month,’” she said.

Later that week, the couple received a couple of visitors.

“Pat (Holub) and Brenda (Ogdee) were knocking on our front door with the award,” she said. “I was at work at the time and when Mike called and told me I thought he was joking with me. It was a very nice surprise.”

Learning the award wasn’t a joke, Rhonda said, “We feel very honored and proud to have been chosen ... happy the very recent upgrades to the flower beds were noticed.”

When the Nordins moved into their house April 2017, the home already had an existing landscape. It was only until recently when they decided to spruce up what they already had.

“We recently had DSG Nursery working here on a Saturday and Sunday,” she said. “In the backyard, they trimmed palm trees and other bushes and planted a large variety of plants and flowers to the existing flower beds.”

Work was also done in the front yard by adding a border of rock to confine the flower bed areas. Plants and flowers were incorporated with the camellias which produce red flowers when in bloom.

Gardening advice from Leon Macha, who happens to be married to a relative of Rhonda’s, has come in handy, too.

“Leon Macha came over and gave us ideas and identified plants and trees for us right before we moved in.”

She also collects ideas from Internet searches.

Some of the flowers and trees include fox tail fern, a variety of roses, nandina, pink Anderson hibiscus tree, Japanese blueberry trees, Magnolia trees, duranta, firebush, pentas, azaleas, white Indian Hawthorne, vincas, variegated ginger, rosemary, myrtles and more.

During this time of year, yard maintenances requires special attention. For the Nordins, weeding and watering is key to ensuring plants and flowers thrive.

“This time of the year we just make sure everything gets watered good,” she said. “We stay on top of the weeding so it doesn’t get out of hand.”

Mike tends to most of the yard maintenance, including mowing, weed eating, edging, trimming and tending to pool maintenance. Occasionally, the couple seeks professional help when needed, like the recent updates to the flower beds.

The backyard is the couple’s favorite place to gather with family and friends.

“We have a very nice and big covered patio with a fireplace, TV, swimming pool and hot tub,” she said. “It’s a beautiful relaxing area for family and friends and the kids enjoy the pool.”

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