Running For Fitness

Staying fit is just one reason Amy Lewing loves to run. Here she runs her first marathon of 2021, the Texas Marathon on Jan 1. Tomorrow she will run her 25th marathon.

Jogging around town or on a treadmill at a local gym is how Amy Lewing keeps in shape for an upcoming marathon. Tomorrow, she will be running her 25th full marathon, 26.2 miles, in the Houston area.

“I am running USA Fit marathon in Houston and Sugar Land,” Lewing said.

The 13th annual Sugar Land Memorial Hermann USA Fit Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K tomorrow is expected to have more than 1,000 runners and walkers in all three races combined.

The morning of the race, Lewing will keep her diet light, consuming a banana and oatmeal.

She says “no full stomach” before the race. Then to keep her energy level elevated throughout the course, she will consume a couple of fuel enhancers.

“I drink water with Tailwind along the way and take GU gels about every seven miles,” she said. “(Tailwind is) kind of like Gatorade. The last marathon, I drank 13-ounces of water mixed with Tailwind and used three GU packets.”

GU gel packets are packed with amino acids, sodium and caffeine.

Lewing’s last race, the Texas Marathon, was New Year’s Day in Kingwood. While there were water stations along the way, she packed her own for safety reasons.

“I took my own water during the last marathon,” she said. “I didn’t want to have a bunch of contact with people due to COVID.”

Lewing’s obsession for running began just a few years ago.

“2014 was my first marathon,” she said. “I started running races after seeing the Run for God poster in the gym (Snapfitness).”

She enrolled in the 12-week Run for God fitness program, which combines faith and endurance running.

“From there, I just pushed myself to run further, from 5Ks, to half marathons to full marathons,” she said.

Lewing loves the challenge of self improvement and running allows her to reap the benefits of good health.

“I like the challenge ... (running) keeps me healthy and a healthy weight,” she said.

Her best running time so far was a marathon in Las Vegas, Nev., with a finish of four hours, 31 minutes.

“It (Las Vegas) was my first marathon on the street,” she said. “I did one marathon prior on the trails at Brazos Bend in Needville.”

The toughest run was in Nashville, Tenn.

“It was so hot and the hills were crazy,” she said.

Lewing begins months prior to a run to get in shape.

“I start a training program three months before the marathon,” she said. “It gets me up to 22-mile training runs.”

Typically, Lewing will run at least two marathons a year, but she has done as many as five in a year. She has participated in marathons in 14 states, as well as the Michael J. Foxx runs for Parkinson’s research.

So far she has remained healthy with no injuries from running except for occasional shin splints.

Lewing will continue her passion for running, and for those considering running a marathon, she suggests, “to follow a training program, keep hydrated and fueled and run their best race. Just have fun!”

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