Kickin' It

The Dolls perform to “Be a Light” by Thomas Rhett during a recent contest. “Be A Light” was this year’s theme for the Dolls as well. Every song the Dolls danced to this contest season had to do with light or fire. Pictured (l-r) are Tristann Nusser, Ava Hulsey, Ariana Magallan, Kayla Bolfing, Kaitlyn Galvan, Raven Colwell, Cambrie Priesmeyer, Dharma Sabrsula, Julisa Solis, Hannah Sutton, Aiyana Gonzalez, Brianna Shanks, Lauren Drabek, Savannah Prihoda, Angela Contreras, Aviah Jones, Karolyne Brown, Teara Cooper and Ludivina Hernandez.They will be presenting their Spring Show April 8 in Ricebird Gym.

The Derby Dolls performed in the Crowd Pleasers West Houston Sr. Showcase on Saturday, Feb. 13 at Bridgeland High School and the American Dance/Drill Team Houston Regional Championship at Moody Gardens on Saturday, Feb. 27.

“It felt amazing to see the girls back on the dance floor and in their element,” ECHS dance instructor Jenna Zabodyn said. “We were so blessed to be able to have a competition season in which we all stayed healthy. It wasn’t compromised by the pandemic and we are fortunate for that.”

The Dolls list of awards are as follows:

Feb. 13 Performances

First Runner-Up Trio: Ava Hulsey, Kendal Klatt, Kennedy Klatt

First Runner-Up: Social Officers

Super Sweepstakes: Military Officers and Team

Best in Class, Officer Contemporary, Officer Pom, Team Military, Team Lyrical

Best in Class, Second Runner-Up: Officer Lyrical

Officer Grand Champions, Second Runner-Up

Showcase Elite Team Winners Circle, Fourth Runner-Up Classic Division Best Overall

Feb. 27 Performances

Third Runner-Up Soloist: Aiyana Gonzalez

Winner Soloist/Winner’s Circle: Jasmine Canales

Second Runner-Up Duet: Kendal and Kennedy Klatt

Winner Duet: Jasmine Canales and Aiyana Gonzalez

Winner Trio: Ava Hulsey, Kendal Klatt, Kennedy Klatt

Sweepstakes Award: Military Officers and Team

Single Division 1 Social Officer Award

Gussie Nell Davis Award: Military Officers and Team - scored an average of 93 or higher on all dances

Judges Awards: Officer Pom, Officer Contemporary, Team Pom, Team Lyrical, Team Military

Best Overall Bronze Award: Military Officers

Best Overall Gold Award: Team

Outstanding Team Award

Best in Class First Runner-Up: Military Officers

Best in Class First Runner Up: Team

Best of the Best, Fifth Highest Scoring Team of the Day out of all high schools in attendance

“It’s been years since we’ve competed more than once in one season and we felt it was time,” Zabodyn said. “After they put so much time and effort into these routines, they deserve to show them off more than once. It paid off for us for sure. They did awesome and they have the awards to prove it. They also were able to end that evening with an in-person awards ceremony which was a special time for us as a team. It was a great way to cap off a great season.”

The Dolls have started preparations for the Spring Show for next month. The show will be held at 6:30 p.m. April 8 at Ricebird Gym.

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