Ready To Grill

Scotty Swingler, youth pastor at First Baptist Church, fires up the pit to grill hamburgers for the 40 plus residents who came to the church’s youth center to warm up and enjoy a hot meal on Wednesday.

The youth and children’s programs at First Baptist Church, El Campo, opened the FLEC building as a warming center Wednesday evening for those needing a warm place and hot food during this cold weather that cut off power to many residents’ homes.

The groups served hamburgers, chicken nuggets, French fries, as well as cookies and pastries donated by Mollie B’s.

“Right now we don’t have anything else planned, but it depends on how things go the next day or two,” Steve Lyford said.

Lyford serves as FBC outreach and ministry leader.

Wednesday evenings are usually planned for the church youth, so they decided to host the warming center instead.

“‘Warming center’ is just what we were calling it. We usually have our normal Wednesday night activities,” Lyford said. “But, we knew with everything going on, we wouldn’t be able to (hold the activities), but we wanted to do something to help the community.”

The church also never lost power.

“I am not sure how, but since it hadn’t lost power, we just had faith that it would stay on, and it did the entire time we were up there,” Lyford said.

A little more than 40 took advantage of the warmer temperatures and food.

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