Family Pride

Scott and Lindsey Price of El Campo received August Yard of the Month honors from the El Campo Garden Club. Their re-landscaping efforts in the front yard was a much-needed improvement to the yard since it was in horrible shape when they purchased the home two years ago. Also pictured are their children: Brynlee, 5 and twins, Brock and Brystol, 3.

Originally from El Campo, Scott and Lindsey Price moved back to their hometown two years ago after living in Abilene for awhile. When the couple purchased their home at 2720 Meadow Lane, the landscape was in grave disrepair so they began to make changes.

“When we moved in, the yard and flower beds were horrible, run down and needed a new makeover desperately,” she said. “We made the beds bigger, gave them some shape, pulled all the existing plants out completely, added a stone border and put in new plants.”

Those modifications made the home more appealing, and as result they received recognition from the El Campo Garden Club as their August Yard of the Month selection.

“We were completely surprised when we were chosen,” Lindsey said. “It is an honor. We are always out doing something in the yard, and we constantly kid each other and joke around about winning yard of the month.”

Garden Club members Linda Elliott and Pat Bus made the selection.

Water and fertilizer have played an integral part in maintaining the newly-planted flowers incorporated into the landscape.

And when seasons change, so do some areas of the landscape.

“We have a few small areas in our flower beds that we change out flowers for the seasons,” she said. “We plant petunias, vincas (periwinkles), zinnas, mums and the typical flowering plants for the season.”

Now that the front of the home is newly landscaped, the couple plan to give new life to the backyard.

“We are constantly doing things in the yard, however, the next big project is our backyard,” she said. “There are a few small beds we have cleaned up and planted plants, but we’d really like to re-landscape the backyard completely, and add a sprinkler system to the entire yard.”

While water and fertilizing are important, Lindsey believes staying on top of weeds is another important task to ensure flower beds don’t get out of hand.

“Scott and I are always watering, pulling weeds and just piddling out in the yard while the kids play,” she said. “We also keep the shrubs trimmed up regularly.”

With no outside help, the couple enjoy doing all their own yard maintenance, especially since Lindsey is owner of 5P Landscaping.

“I design and install new landscaping for people’s homes and businesses,” she said. “It allows me to stay at home with our kids, and also work and utilize my creative skills. I enjoy that. I enjoy helping people make their yards beautiful.”

Both have discovered gardening to be enjoyable, because it is something they were raised doing. They’ve instilled that same appreciation for gardening in their children, Brynlee, age five and three-year-old twins Brystol and Brock.

“It has always been a passion for both of us to be outside and work in the yard,” she said. “We grew up helping our parents and grandparents in the yard, and we have just continued that tradition. Our kids even love helping plant plants and watering.”

The backyard is this family’s favorite place to gather, entertain and play.

“We love spending time outside as a family, playing with the kids in the backyard and having friends/family over for barbecue,” Lindsey said. “We practice soccer, t-ball and tumbling with the girls. We do not have any back neighbors, so it is very quiet and peaceful.”

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