Spreading Christmas cheer to elderly El Campoans remains the mission of the third annual Adopt-A-Grandparent program, a volunteer event where donated presents are brought to residents of local retirement homes.

“Really our goal is to love on them, and to bring the spirit of Christmas, and to let them know they are not forgotten,” event organizer Melody Cobb said.

For the last two years, Cobb and Angie Socha, along with other volunteers, brought donated gifts such as hygiene items, blankets, jewelry or snacks to residents at retirement and nursing homes and to nominated homebound residents.

The presents are purchased through $10 sponsorships from community members. This year, Cobb hopes to receive 300 sponsorships.

“Many people may have a visitor during the holidays, and that might be their only visitor throughout the year, and some may not even have a visitor,” Cobb said.

When visiting residents, the volunteers dress in festive clothing, and sometimes there’s Christmas caroling. The program is well-received, according to Cobb.

“We try to go a little bit beyond just dropping the gifts off,” Cobb said. “We want to make it personal. We want to make it real.”

Preparation for the Christmas-time event began months ago.

This year, Adopt-A-Grandparent will be visiting Prairie Village, El Campo Retirement Village, Meridian Assisted Living, Garden Villa Health Care Center, Hillje SPJST Home and homebound residents.

Cobb asks that donations are given directly to Socha or herself.

“We definitely make sure that every dollar goes toward Adopt-A-Grandparent,” Cobb said.

To volunteer or donate, call Cobb at 979-541-7291 or Socha at 979-541-6385.

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