The main priority of El Campo ISD leaders will be to improve student academic achievement this year, and how they are to do that will be determined in the upcoming weeks.

ECISD trustees met in closed session Wednesday to establish long term and short term goals for the district with El Campo ISD Superintendent Bob Callaghan.

“I think the biggest focus is student growth and academic achievement,” El Campo ISD Superintendent Bob Callaghan said. “Making sure students make one year’s progress in one year’s time.”

Other goals Callaghan was assigned related to facilities, staffing, student achievement and consistency among Kindergarten through 12th grade. Callaghan will be meeting with campus leaders and administrators next week to establish an approach for achieving these objectives.

“We’ll begin to have a discussion on the process and procedures we will implement that are going to be designed and geared toward achieving those goals,” he said. “It’ll be a collaborative effort versus a dictatorial effort.”

Callaghan’s short term goals are expected to be met in four to six months while the other goals need to be met before next July.

“The meeting went well,” Callaghan said. “It was a great discussion and conversation.”

The district improved their Texas Education Agency academic overview rating from a C to a B on an A through F scale, in 2019. Some campus scores were lower, such as the D rating received by El Campo Middle School.

District leaders hoped to improve their TEA ratings for 2020, but Texas school districts were not rated due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the disruption it caused for schools at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.  Instead, districts were labeled ‘Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster’, according to the TEA. Part of a superintendent’s job is to address goals set annually by the school board. 

Callaghan signed his contract with the district in early July, but began working for ECISD on a consulting contract in mid June. This was his first goal-setting meeting with ECISD.

Callaghan replaced former superintendent Kelly Waters, who resigned in May, before the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

Waters was also asked to focus on improving student academic achievement in January.

The board develops goals for the superintendent annually and assesses the superintendent’s progress twice per year. ECISD superintendent goals in previous years have revolved around improving student test scores, campus ratings, student behavior and more.

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