A luxury apartment developer will present its plan to El Campo City Council Monday, an effort first announced three years ago.

TriArc Asset 5’s original plan called for a 250-unit development adjacent to West Loop Park. Now, apartment and townhouse development is sighted on a 26.15-acre parcel on the opposite side of the West Loop to the north and behind Casa Hernandez and The Shed.

The controlled-access Creekside Planned Development includes volleyball courts, a swimming pool, park, walking trail and dog park.

The company will be seeking planned development status from the city and has requested the opportunity to address city leaders.

“The Creekside development will be presented in the workshop to both Planning & Zoning and council. No action is requested at this time, during the workshop, the developer will provide a detailed overview of the proposed development,” City Manager Courtney Sladek said. “Staff has preliminary reviewed the design, however a planned development requires approval from the city council.”

In April 2017, TriArc 5 developer Joseph Bramante appeared before the Rotary Club of El Campo, presenting a $7.5 million apartment plan.

That first project called for one, two and three bedroom units. Starting at roughly 1,000 square foot per unit, rents were projected to start at $900.

“If you make $45,000 a year, you can afford to live here,” Bramanate told Rotarians.

At the time, the project was expected to be completed by 2020.

The Creekside project will have to be presented to the city Planning & Zoning Commission. The P&Z will make its recommendations which will then be sent to City Council for final approval or rejection.

The workshop will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 26 in Council Chambers, 315 E. Jackson. The meeting is open to the public with time specifically designated for citizen comments.

Only 26 people will be allowed in council chambers because of social distancing requirements. Those attending must wear a mask.

Those unable to attend can submit their comments to council@cityofelcampo.org by 2 p.m. Monday to become part of the permanent record.

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