If you think your government is watching you, you’re right. But that’s okay, they’re watching themselves too.

Quarterly, the city of El Campo examines how residents interact with the municipality, and how workers help residents.

The goal, City Manager Courtney Sladek says, is to ensure the public is getting the service it deserves.

That’s how the city knows, for example, that more people look at the website on Monday and Tuesday, for example, than any other day of the week.

Site traffic there has increased from about 14,000 to 18,000 views from spring to summer with more people accessing the city website via a mobile phone than any other way.

This data tells staff more about when the public wants services and how.

By reviewing departments, administrators can tell where the demands for staff time are the heaviest.

Planning & Inspections

Of the 161 permits issued in the third quarter, 58 percent were residential with commercial endeavors amounting to only 23 percent.

The department did 161 inspections too, 36 percent of which involved plumbing, 26 percent buildings and 22 percent electrical.

The department discovered 74 code enforcement violations in the third quarter, down from 99 in the first quarter of the fiscal year. Of those, the majority, 64 percent, involved weedy lots, 15 percent junk vehicles and 15 percent rubbish.

Charged with handling the battle on blight, the department reviewed East Jackson Street, finding 15 violations and 66 sites in compliance. Of the violators, four will go to a court case.

Public Works

The department responded to 195 service requests in the third quarter with tree trimming the most needed (19 percent of calls) followed by standing water in ditches (11.8 percent), patching a street (10.3 percent) and pothole repair (9.2 percent).

City Hall, in the process of upgrading security, required the most facilities work.

The vehicle maintenance folks completed 156 work orders for city vehicles, baled 8.5 tons of recycled cardboard and made 297 trips to compress recyclables at the compactor.

The utility crews answered 320 service requests with most (24.1 percent) involving sanitary line stoppages followed by water meter repairs (18.1 percent), sewer line repairs (11.6 percent) and water leaks (10.6 percent).

Public Safety

Police Department: Patrol units issued 449 tickets in the third quarter (285 during the same time in 2018), 1,620 warnings (1,106 in 2018), made 280 arrests (285), charged 16 with driving while intoxicated (26), responded to 66 crashes (70) and investigated seven hit-and-runs (nine).

Investigators cleared 80 percent of their cases (in comparison to 90 during the same time in 2018) and dispatchers answered 1,796 calls from 9-1-1.

Animal control helped get 79 animals adopted in comparison to 90 in 2018. Fewer animals were confined the third quarter of 2019, 167 in comparison to 197 last year.

The municipal court handled 618 violations. Of those, most 339 involved traffic violations. Another 116 involved crimes ranging from public intoxication to issuance of a bad check and fighting.

The court collected $104,939 in fines and fees.

El Campo EMS responded to 190 emergency calls and made 53 transfers this third quarter in comparison to 187 and 38 during the same time last year.

Of 9-1-1 calls, 104 required transport in comparison to 98 last year.

The fire department responded to 148 incidents. During those, nine acres of grassland burned, $156,800 of the almost $3.4 million of property in jeopardy was lost.

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