The majority of the board newly appointed to review whether the City of El Campo needs to change the way it governs is made up of former city council members.

The seven-member board will review the city’s charter and, if deemed necessary, make recommendations for proposed charter amendments to city council. Those proposals would then go before El Campo voters in May 2020.

Commission meetings, open to the public by the Texas Open Meetings Act, will be held in October.

Appointed members and their sponsoring council member are: former councilman and current school trustee Ed Erwin (John Hancock), former councilman Steve Ward (David Hodges), former mayor pro tem Tommy Hitzfield (Mayor Pro Tem Philip Miller), former Mayor Pro Tem Richard Young (Mayor Randy Collins), former councilman Bobby Perez (Gloria Harris) and Karen Middlebrook (Chris Barbee).

Councilman Jeff Allgayer’s appointment was not yet ready and was delayed until later in the month.

The commission already has one item to consider – or ignore – the way El Campo elects its mayor.

The City Charter calls for four district representatives and three at-large with council selecting the mayor among themselves.

Councilman Chris Barbee is calling for a charter amendment making the top vote-getter in at-large elections the mayor.

City Attorney Ronny Collins has told council that the proposal would not pass a Department Of Justice review. Instead council would likely have to be redistricted.

Redistricting is an issue that can start at the charter level.

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