The El Campo Police Department’s 2020 Officer of the Year has lost his job after a disturbance Thursday led to his arrest on two felony warrants.

Cesar Olmedo had been on the force since February 2019, gaining public attention after rushing into a burning home in January to save a woman who had been shot multiple times.

“His employment has been terminated,” Police Chief Gary Williamson said Friday. “He did his job, but some things in our personal lives can be a discredit to the agency and cannot be tolerated.”

Olmedo was off duty around 8 a.m. Thursday when he became the suspect in a Point West Drive domestic violence call El Campo police officers were dispatched to investigate.

Officers believe Olmedo, without permission, entered the home of a woman he had previously been dating and caused her harm.

He was arrested in El Campo at 2:33 p.m. on warrants for burglary of a habitation and assault family violence.

“I expect the officers of the El Campo Police Department to hold themselves to a high standard and follow the laws they swore to uphold,” Williamson said.“My highest priority in all matters is to maintain the public’s trust in the legitimacy of this police department.”

Thursday’s arrest wasn’t the first criminal charge for the 23-year-old officer.

On Sept. 29, Olmedo surrendered at the county jail, booked on a Class B misdemeanor, he’s alleged to have left the scene of a Wharton-area wreck several weeks before, failing to report the crash.

In that case, he rolled his own vehicle and then fled.

The department handed down its own punishment against him then, but kept Olmedo on the force.

Olmedo is a Wharton High School and Wharton County Junior College Police Academy graduate who lives in Wharton.

If Olmedo is ultimately convicted, it will mean the suspension of his Texas Commission on Law Enforcement certification, the license which allows him to serve as an officer in addition to any punishments handed down by the court.

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