Prepare For Downpours

National Weather Center forecasters are calling for heavy rains in Wharton County and throughout much of the area as the quickly developing Tropical Storm Imelda continues to make its way northward throwing out rain bands.

Heavy rain is expected to continue today, as Tropical Storm Imelda continues to make its way north over land.

Weather forecasters were calling for the week’s rain tally to fall in the seven to 10 inches on Tuesday when the first major bands were making their way on shore, up to four inches by Thursday morning.

Motorists are warned county roads may flash flood during periods of heavy rain, especially at night.

With as much as 20 inches of rain expected in other areas, Wharton County Emergency Management Coordinator Andy Kirkland said, the public should remember that forecasts can change quickly with tropical systems.

“When the models put out ‘bullseyes’ for potential very heavy rain remember this ... in 2017 Wharton County was forecast to receive an additional 20-30 inches of rain. It went 50 to 100 miles to our east, so large forecast misses are possible,” he said, adding the “misses” may not always go in Wharton County’s favor.

Lower Colorado River Authority meteorologist Bob Rose called for the system to come inland Tuesday night and then become stationary through late Thursday.

“Ingredients appear to be coming together ... through Thursday evening time period for a heavy rainfall event to develop over Southeast Texas. This will include Colorado, Wharton, Matagorda and Fayette counties,” Rose said.

The good news for Wharton County, Kirkland said, is “we are dry and can handle that rainfall spread out throughout the week. What we cannot handle is two to three hours of rainfall at two-plus inches an hour rates for two to four hours.”

No river flooding is expected, a prediction especially positive for Wharton residents who have suffered three rounds of rising waters in the last four years.

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