Forty participants enjoyed a frozen treat and air conditioning at the El Campo Bowling Center while meeting and greeting various members of law enforcement and first responders at the “Kids Chill with a Cop” kick off of the summer Tuesday.

“We had an excellent turnout of the first Chill with the Cops event. Everyone enjoyed a cool treat. We had first responders from the ECPD (El Campo Police Department), sheriff’s department, EMS and Texas DPS in attendance,” said Donna Mikeska, who does marketing for El Campo Memorial Hospital, the event sponsor.

“We are looking forward to this event growing and enjoy seeing the kids meet and visit with the many officers that attend. The kids are so excited to talk to the law enforcement officers,” she added.

The excitement was not lost on ECPD Chief Terry Stanphill, who often sat at a table to talk with children as they enjoyed an ice cream or a popsicle.

“These events are a great way for kids to meet local law enforcement officers and EMS members. Holding the event at the bowling alley turned out great, and the AC really felt good with the summer heat,” Stanphill said

“The kids enjoyed a cool treat while having a chance to visit with first responders. Several also bowled and played video games. I have a feeling the event will grow throughout the summer as word spreads how much fun it was,” he added.

“I would like to thank Donna Mikeska, Abby Freeman, ECMH and the bowling alley for putting on the event.”

ECPD Cpl. Mark Biskup feels events like Chill with a Cop and even National Night Out are a great way for the public and first responders to get together in a positive setting.

“Everyone gets a chance to know a little more about each other. I know personally, I learned a lot from a couple citizens I spoke to, whom I’d never met before,” Biskup said.

The kids were all smiles, too.

“Between the bowling, the police stickers and other items given and ice cream, it’s a win-win for the kids. A lot of the students I taught in school were there so taking pictures with them was an added benefit,” he said.

The next “Kids Chill with a Cop” will be on Tuesday, July 9 and it will be co-sponsored by ECMH and Mikeska’s BBQ.

“I’m told that Mikeska’s BBQ will be donating one girls bike and one boys bike for the door prizes. What awesome prizes,” Mikeska said.

The event is held the second Tuesday of the month at the El Campo Bowling Center throughout the summer.

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