Almost 1,500 doses of COVID-19 vaccine will be available to the public tomorrow via drive-through service at the El Campo Civic Center.

No appointments or pre-registration is required for the March 25 event, according Mid Coast Health System spokesperson Donna Mikeska, who said supplies are limited.

The 2350 N. Mechanic clinic will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with 1,170 doses of Pfizer and 300 doses of Moderna administered by hospital personnel.

Vaccines are available to everyone 50 and over or people over the age of 18 who have underlying medical conditions including cancer, down syndrome, pregnancy, diabetes, liver disease, neurological conditions, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, including Asthma), Obesity, heart conditions and other major illnesses.

Any health care workers and residents at long-term care facilities qualify along with school employees or licensed child care personnel.

“Any form of identification is all you will need to receive the vaccine,” Mikeska said. Attendees are asked to bring their health insurance card although it is not required.


More shots coming


For those who miss the vaccination effort at the El Campo Civic Center Thursday, the county is working on another shot clinic soon.

“We are coordinating with state agencies to provide Wharton County residents with their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine,” Wharton County Emergency Management Director Andy Kirkland said.

Times and dates have not been set yet, but the county is now collecting names, dates of birth, home mailing addresses and telephone numbers.

The data, Kirkland said, is “so that we may contact you when vaccinations become available. Priority will be given to those 65 and older. Individuals who fit within any of the additional state approved vaccination phases will be given priority following those 65 years of age or older”

Those qualifying are in Department of State Health Services Phases 1A, 1B, 1C, or are school and childcare personnel shown at:

“Your registering on this list does not guarantee that you will receive a shot,” Kirkland said, adding those signing up need to check with their doctor to make sure they are cleared to receive the vaccine.

“We encourage everyone to register on multiple lists, but please notify us if you receive a shot from another source,” he added.

Call 979-532-1123 to register.

“Working together we will get all Wharton County residents who want a vaccine to receive their shots as soon as possible,” Kirkland said. “Your getting registered is the first step to receiving your vaccination.”

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