Service Concerns

More complaints about trash service will be addressed by city council Monday night, this time largely revolving around commercial accounts. Waste Connections now services the area although Progressive trash cans, like these on Wendel Street, are still seen throughout the area.

Additional complaints about trash service – this time from businesses – will have council asking Waste Connections for answers – again.

Residents were bemoaning brush pickup service just six months ago.

“There have clearly been issues with Waste Connections. We’ve worked with (District Manager) Abel (Moreno) and his team to identify and resolve the issues as they’ve arisen,” El Campo City Manager Courtney Sladek told the newspaper.

Recent concerns, starting in mid-December, include service delays.

“This was due to unforeseen mechanical issues to our fleet,” Moreno said in a Dec. 20 letter to the city, adding that broken trucks were kept off the street and relief trucks brought into the area.

“Waste Connections has been receptive to our feedback, but we have to discuss the issues we’ve faced in the last few months,” Sladek said.

Waste Connections was given a three-year contract in January 2019 in a 6-0 vote with Councilman Jeff Allgayer not present.

Whether El Campo should recycle was the major issue at the time along with the impeding use of automated collection trucks, a change Moreno told the council would not hinder service.

Moreno, the local representative, will be at Monday’s session. The El Campo City Council meets at 6:30 p.m. Monday in chambers, 315 E. Jackson. The meeting is open to the public with time specifically designated for citizen comments.

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