Crops remained partially and some totally submerged across fields in Wharton County after Wednesday’s deluge that resulted in flash flooding brought on by a tropical disturbance.

“The amount of rain that we received last week and this week is much more than cotton can handle,” Wharton County Extension Agent Corrie Bowen said.

“The key is getting the rain off the fields as quick as possible without standing on the field for a long duration of time. Soil compaction and lack of oxygen in the root zone are not what our cotton crop need right now,” Bowen added.

Nitrogen leaching as a result of such an enormous amount of rain in all crops is another concern.

Wednesday’s fast moving storm did lay down some corn in the Egypt area. Fields with water that submerged corn ears presents a good chances of ear rot – not a good situation at all, Bowen said.

“The conditions ahead of us after all of this rain certainly present a climate for fungal diseases, which producers should be scouting daily for corn rust and leaf diseases on cotton,” he added.

There’s a high potential for leaf diseases in all of the crops due to the high soil moisture and hot temperatures in the days leading into summer.

“Our rice farmers didn’t need this amount of rain any more than any of the other crops,” Bowen said.

Rice planting continued into last week, with more late-planting scheduled through this week.

“We may see some prevented planting claims on rice, and flooding rains will be detrimental to rice seedlings. Other impacts to rice are severe damages to rice levees,” he said.

Rice needs water to hold certain herbicide applications that have just been applied. If not, that results in a lack of herbicide affect on the weeds and that amounts to dollars lost and possible reapplication.

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