Boosters along with standard COVID-19 vaccinations will be available Monday during a state-run shot clinic at the El Campo Volunteer Training Field.

The noon to 6 p.m. drive through event is free of charge for anyone wanting to be vaccinated. The training field is located directly behind Friendship Park on North Wharton Street, accessible via a roadway on the park’s south side.

Eligibility for the third shot is limited to those with immunity issues based on a doctor’s order or determined by clinic staff, or people who received the second shot at least eight months ago.

The primary focus, however, will be for residents who have not been vaccinated yet.

“What we want is to get first shots in arms,” Wharton County Deputy Emergency Coordinator Debbie Cenko said, adding, “We will have both vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, so our 12-plus population can be vaccinated if they so choose.”

Event coordinators are hoping for up to 500 doses into arms Monday, El Campo Emergency Management Coordinator Lori Hollingsworth said, with another opportunity for vaccination coming noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday on the grounds of OakBend Hospital in Wharton.

Officials are hoping the state clinic will return, if not, second shots can be obtained from local sources.

“There is plenty of vaccines out there and the government has said all vaccines are free,” Cenko said. “It is the most effective and safest way to combat this.”

Hollingsworth has been spreading the word about the shot clinic, at least until Thursday when, despite being fully vaccinated, she tested positive for the virus. Now she’s isolating with family.

Her case, Hollingsworth said, has been mild, perhaps because of the past vaccines. “Basically I have stuffiness, like a head cold. I can see where it’s fooling people,” she said.

Hollingsworth has already notified those who may have come into close contact with her. 

“I’m glad it didn’t spread. Those home tests are great and handy, but there is a lot of room for error,” she said. “The clearer way to combat (COVID) is to just get the vaccine.”

The Department of State Health Services reports 128 Wharton County residents have died from COVID-19 since the virus was first identified in Texas early last year.

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