With browning piles of brush still found on El Campo streets, the city’s garbage collectors will return to council Monday with a plan.

How the company will clear curbs and yards is what city leaders have been waiting to hear since late June.

Monday, Waste Connections officials Abel Moreno and John Schafer, both district managers, are scheduled to speak.

“They have picked up some brush but there is still more brush to be collected,” City Manager Courtney Sladek said. “They have a plan to remove all of the brush.”

Moreno introduced the possibility of zone collections – dividing the city into segments with one area receiving concentrated efforts each week during the June session.

“Little by little, we’ve gotten ourselves in a hole where the brush is becoming overwhelming,” Moreno said.

Council called for a solution.

“There are a lot of irate citizens,” Councilman John Hancock Jr. said. “There are a lot of complaints out there.”

Residents can place up to a standard pickup truck load curbside each week for free collection during the city’s contract.

Additional brush is supposed to be collected, but for a fee based on amount.

Citizens can used the online registration system at to get on the designated collections lists.

Residents with more brush then allowed curbside or who would simply like to can dump it for free at the city’s landfill, 1698 CR 303, although this could be affected by wet conditions. Call 979-221-1259 to verify that dumping can take place on the day you wish to visit the collection station.

Those utilizing the service may be required to show a water bill.

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