Safety First

An employee and customer at El Campo’s Pisces Nails don protective face masks in accordance with Governor Greg Abbott’s mask order during the COVID-19 pandemic. El Campo police are responsible for enforcing the order locally and have issued no tickets so far.

Regardless of whether you’re “over it” or not, the governor’s order requiring masks be worn in businesses is still in place.

El Campo police are enforcing it too, Police Chief Terry Stanphill said.

“I think people are getting tired, lax ... I have had to remind a few people recently and handed out a few masks to people that did not have them,” he said, but added that, thus far, the department hasn’t issued tickets.

“We’re asking for voluntary compliance,” Stanphill said, adding response has been quick. “They either leave or put a mask on.”

The department responds to less than 10 calls per month involving facial masks or the lack thereof.

People are welcome to call the department with any concerns, Stanphill said, adding officers would “take appropriate action.”

Nationally, the proper response to the global COVID-19 pandemic remains mixed.

Police officers aren’t asked to debate the science of the health emergency response. Instead, they are asked to help enforce the law.

“I think locally we are doing pretty good,” Stanphill said.

Wharton County reported Monday 12 new positive cases and nine recoveries with 64 active cases county wide.

The county reports 39 people have died while the state puts that number at 53.

A total of 1,468 Wharton County residents have tested positive for the virus since the pandemic entered Texas.

The public is still asked to wear a mask, wash their hands and social distance to help protect themselves and others from the virus.

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