A proposed 16-acre West Loop development will include sites for modular housing along with retail stores if it gets the blessing of Planning & Zoning Commissioners Wednesday.

Developer Joe “Cuatro” Strack IV says there’s more than $3.5 million in potential tax roll value when the 54-lots he envisions have modular housing upon them.

The small lot development will include a Homeowners Association covering about 12.3 acres. The HOA will require background checks for all residents, curfews for minors and for nighttime activities as well as requirements for lawns and landscaping.

“Efficient and affordable housing is lacking in the area. This Planned Development addresses that issue by providing safe, modern and affordable housing with a long-term vision of quality in mind for the town and residents of the property,” Strack said in his request to P&Z.

The overall design calls for 74 percent greenspace as well as a playground and pavilion.

Strack also envisions building a storage center on the acreage with about 3.77 acres of retail.

The proposed site, currently a hayfield, is directly north of Jesse Street, but south of established retail centers like Tree House Furniture.

To proceed with the project, Strack is asking P&Z officials to approve a Planned Development zone at their 5:30 p.m. session Wednesday, Sept. 18 in Council Chambers, 315 E. Jackson. The meeting is open to the public and includes a public hearing on the proposed development.

If P&Z officials vote in favor of the development, the plan will go to city council for final approval.

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