The Mid Coast Health System is expanding to Ganado on Aug. 1, linking with the local medical care clinic there.

With the alliance, the local clinic will provide services in six other communities in addition to multiple sites in El Campo, an expansion effort started three years ago.

Mid Coast Health System sites include Bay City, Wharton, Louise, Blessing and Palacios.

The Wharton and Bay City sites are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Therapy services have been expanded to El Campo (HealthPlex), Bay City and Palacios with plans to add a location in Wharton.

That’s in addition to Mid Coast Campus Care Clinics in El Campo ISD, Louise ISD, Wharton County Junior College and Palacios ISD (starting with the upcoming school term.

Changes won’t be immediately noticiable as Ganado Medical Clinic,  204 S. Fourth in Ganado, will remain in the same location with the familiar faces of  Dr. Sam Williams and physician assistants Ron Kosanke, Bruce Ramsey and Sabrina Garrison providing service.

“This affiliation will enhance what we’ve already been doing for many years here in Ganado,” Williamson said.

Specialty services including gynecology and cardiology should be added to the Ganado Medical Clinic in the near future, hospital officials said.

All patients, once seen at any Mid Coast Medical Clinic, is considered in network for all other locations.

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