Louise ISD planning for its facility needs continued this week, following a district tour on Dec. 9. The tour gave administrators and the public a chance to provide input.

“It is great for the community to come and ask questions and see the state of our district themselves,” Louise Superintendent Garth Oliver said. “It is one thing to sit and discuss something, but it was vital for us to have this tour of our facilities so folks could see things that may need to be removed or replaced.”

Gallagher Construction gave examples of what a new lunchroom and library could look like during the session.

“We are interested in making improvements to the district because we know some of these buildings are very old and outdated and at some point you have to do something,” Louise resident Julie Upchurch said, “We aren’t going to know unless we find out what’s going on and I wish there were more people here.”

The district is seeking community input because voter approval will likely be necessary in the future.

“I don’t have kids that go to this school, but I know it’s still important to listen and to learn,” Upchurch said. “I don’t think people should be scared of spending money. The whole point of this is to speak up, give input and learn so that we can decide how much its going to take. Nothing is certain.”

Some district buildings are more than 80 years old.

“I hope to have a better understanding of what the people see as an issue,” Oliver said. “Think of how much the facilities in these buildings have been used over the last 80 years by countless students and staff. We have to think of the next 50, 60, 70 years when making these decisions.”

The decision ultimately lies with district taxpayer.

“We always have hopes that a true group of the community will be there and give their valuable input,” Oliver said.

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