Text messages containing homophobic and racist language written by an El Campo High School senior sent in a private group text circulated social media Friday resulting in disciplinary action, and a warning that bullying is not tolerated.

A member of the text group screenshotted the dialogue and showed a teacher who then notified ECHS Principal Demetric Wells.

“Mr. Wells was quick to investigate,” ECISD Superintendent Kelly Waters said, when “the student admitted to making the comment in their private group text.”

A screenshot of the text message was sent to the targeted student. His mother expressed her sadness and anger at the situation in a social media post.

Disciplinary action was taken against the student responsible for the comment. Because he did not share or intend for the text to be shared outside of the group chat, ECPD could not charge him, Waters said.

Another screenshot from the same group text surfaced on the same day, revealing plans for a few students to wear border control agent costumes to school.

“Every period in between classes we all have to meet up and the border control has to chase everyone around,” one text reads.

Not all of the students in the text message group supported the derogatory remarks. Several students sent texts condemning the comments, calling them racist or homophobic. There were over 300 messages sent in the group text, and if you read them all, a different picture is painted, Wells said.

ECISD does not tolerate bullying, and teaches students about appropriate social media behavior.

“Our aim is that students learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied,” Waters said. “Our schools value mutual respect, fairness, and equality.”

To report bullying or criminal activity in ECISD, call the Ricebirds Care Hotline at 578-TIPS or submit a tip via Echs.ecisd.org/content/report-bullying-here.

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Erica matula

I am the parent of the targeted student. I am the one who brought the information to the superintendent Mrs Waters. And this isn’t this isn’t the first time my son was bullied. Last year he was chased in the hallway by a group of boys who called him homophobic slurs and was told that he didn’t belong at their school. My son was also pushed by a student. Those boys did not receive any disciplinary actions at all. ECISD doesn’t have harsh enough punishments for bullies.

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