Wonderful Windows

Britne Estrada, local artist and owner of Unlimited Creations, adds a finishing touch to her Christmas-themed window mural at Belly & Beyond Boutique.  At this location, Estrada painted holiday imagery as well as portraits of the shop owner’s grandsons. Estrada is commissioned year-round to paint various works of art on the windows of local businesses. 

Confident brushstrokes swirl together vivid colors forming murals of snow and holly on windows across town, announcing the start of the holiday season.

Local artists Britne Estrada and Chasaley Reese were each passionate about art, but window painting allowed them to turn their talents into livelihoods. 

Estrada began her business, Unlimited Creations, years ago. She sells holiday decorations and home decor. Reese makes lawn art for clients she acquires through social media.

“It just kind of blossomed into painting windows,” Reese said. “I painted my own windows at home and took some pictures and painted for family members.”

Throughout the year, both artists are commissioned for various projects, but autumn and winter are the most popular seasons for window murals.

Estrada and Reese paint custom work for their clients, who usually come up with the subject matter.

A typical window mural takes one to two hours to paint, according to Estrada.

This year, Estrada tackled her first human portraits, painting a client’s grandchildren gazing at a cozy fireplace.

“That’s my favorite thing to paint,” Estrada said. “Something new. I like bringing ideas to life. It gives me a challenge.”

Painting windows provides its own sets of challenges compared to canvas or paper. The large scale of a business window mural is the main obstacle, in Estrada’s opinion.

For Reese, battling unpredictable weather is the biggest challenge. She uses water-based paints for her creations.

“It was definitely something I had to practice,” Reese said. “You have to watch the weather. Sometimes it doesn’t stick to the windows and you have to come back on another day.”

Both artists have painted for years. Estrada was interested in art from a young age.

“When I was four years old, we had an encyclopedia set with all the books and I would draw on the front and back pages,” Estrada said. “My mom would always get after me.”

While many would prefer to stay firmly planted in their comfort-zone, Reese enjoys unexpected requests from her clients. “I like it when people let me know what they want instead of just letting me go out there and do what I want,” Reese said.

Preferring painting to other art forms, Estrada loves to be challenged while working.

“There’s actually no limits,” Estrada said. “Being able to create another color from two colors and give it a different dimension is what I enjoy the most.”

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