Texas state voters approved nine of 10 proposed amendments to the state constitution during Tuesday’s election.

In Wharton County, the vote counts mirror the overall state turnout with local residents also rejecting Proposition 1 which would have allowed a municipal judge to hold more than one office at the same time. The local vote was 2,067 to reject with 1,052 in favor of allowing.

State parks and historical sites will get additional funding with the passage of Proposition 5, an effort championed by State Senator Lois Kolkhorst, R-Brenham, who also represents Wharton County. 

“Because of you, Prop. 5 passed with overwhelming support and our Texas Parks will receive the funding they deserve ... What a great win for all of Texas!” she said.

The approved amendment dedicates existing state sales and use taxes levied on sporting goods for parks and historical sites.

Wharton County voters passed the measure 2,739 to 380.

Proposition 4, which makes it harder to create a state income tax in Texas also passed statewide. Strongly supported by State Rep. Phil Stephenson, R-Wharton, local voters cast ballots 2,738 to 398 to oppose any effort to consider a state income tax.

Other approved amendments are:

Proposition 2 – allowing the Texas Water Development Board to issue up to $200 million in bonds to help economically distressed areas. Wharton County vote: 1837 to 1,252.

Proposition 3 – lets there be a temporary property tax exemption in disaster areas.

The Wharton County vote was 2,643 to 456, a decision not surprising considering the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey and subsequent flooding rains.

Proposition 6 - increases the state bond for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas by $3 billion. Wharton County vote: 2,023 to 1,079.

Proposition 7 – increases distributions to the available school fund.

Wharton County vote: 2,246 to 864.

Proposition 8 – creates a flood infrastructure fund to help finance recovery projects after a disaster.

Wharton County vote: 2,369 to 751.

Proposition 9 – eliminates tax on precious metals held in the state depository.

Wharton County vote: 1,580 to 1,472.

Proposition 10 – allows a law enforcement animal to be transferred to a caretaker or former handler in special circumstances.

Wharton County vote: 2,914 to 218.

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