Final Ceremony

Rich DuBroc, right, participates in his final graduation ceremony June 2 as the Class of 2017 walked across the stage in Ricebird gym. DuBroc has been with the district 10 years.

High School Principal Rich DuBroc announced this week he will be leaving El Campo ISD to move into a managing partner position with Prairie Harbor, LLC in Wallis.

Prairie Harbor, a residential treatment center DuBroc has been a part of since 2013, treats children who are in the foster care system if they need help with things such as psychiatry or therapy. It helps to stabilize the children so they may be able to move back into a less restrictive system.

DuBroc became interested in being a part of a facility like this when he worked in Fort Bend County and researched for years how to get into the industry.

“This is a decision that I have talked about and prayed about a lot,” DuBroc said. “This is something that I felt convinced God led me to doing.”

Prairie Harbor is at capacity and is growing, and DuBroc said the growth of the facility was part of what influenced his decision.

“We hate to see him go,” Superintendent Kelly Waters said. “He will be leaving a large hole in the ECISD and a big shoes to fill.”

DuBroc has been principal at ECHS for 10 years. Before he was principal, he taught and coached at the school in the 1990s.

“I came back to ECHS, and it has been a really good run,” DuBroc said. “I wish nothing but the best for ECHS and all of the students there. I still will be involved and have a child still going to school in the district. I want nothing but great things for ECISD.”

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