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This summer Louise ISD is looking to hire student workers to complete minor projects around campus.

The job is available to students age 16 and up, pays $8 an hour, and the students work around four days a week averaging 20 hours, but students can put in eight hours. The work includes painting, pressure washing to installing insulation and plywood walls in the football press box, according to Superintendent Garth Oliver. The type of work a student is allowed to do is also limited by their age, Garth said.

The work program initially had four students participating, but has now dwindled to just two — senior Eryc Oliver, 18, and sophomore Charlie Huerta, 16. Eryc leads the percussion session and Huerta is the assistant drum major. Both students will start band practice the first week of August, and that will reduce the amount of hours they can work, both said.

So far, both students have pressure washed sidewalks and Eryc is helping his father Garth inside the press box.

The superintendent hopes to have more students signed up by then.

“Maybe we can attract some more kids. We’ve got so much that needs to be done. We have six month’s worth of pressure washing,” the superintendent said.

The athletic facilities also need to be repainted on the outside.

“We might consider keeping students on even after school starts because we may need some extra help. There’s no substitute for structural changes, but even if it’s not structurally better, it will at least have a cleaner look,” Oliver said.

His son took the job because the hours are more consistent than the job he had in fast food service.

“When everyone comes back, they will see how clean it is,” Eryc said. “They’ll have more pride in their school because it doesn’t look dirty anymore.”

Huerta was looking for a summer job when he heard the district was hiring students.

“I thought it would be an easy way to make some money while helping the school,” he said.

Already volunteers with the district, it helps that these students will get paid, Garth said.

Huerta is proud of the fresh coat of paint he and Eryc and middle school secretary Maria Montes have applied to the band hall.

“I have two more years in band and I’ll be able to look at the band hall and say, ‘It looks nice.’”

To apply, go to the district’s website and go to the employment link or Montes can print out an application form at the school.

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