A relatively small batch of Wharton County residents stood united with voters statewide in approving all eight proposed constitutional    changes.

Less than seven percent of the county’s 25,484 registered voters went to polls either during the two-week early voting period or on Election Day.

“I’m glad the people who came out came out to vote,” Wharton County Elections Administrator Cindy Richter said. “Turnout was very low. I wish people would (have been) more into this election, but they weren’t.”

In all, 1,752 voters cast ballots – 52 absentee, 792 during the early voting period and 909 on Election day.

“The last day of early voting was about average (for early voting with 188 votes cast). The rest was sad,” Richter said.

In some cases, poll workers manned their sites for an entire day with less than 10 voters making an appearance.

On Election Day, the poll located at St. Robert’s Catholic Church in El Campo drew just 23 voters in 12 hours of balloting.

Proposition 2, an amendment allowing a county issue debt for transportation or infrastructure in blighted areas, drew the most concern locally, narrowly passing 883 for to 860 against.

Statewide, Proposition 4, changing eligibility requirements for judges, drew the most concern passing 58.78 percent to 41.22 percent.

The election included Proposition 6, an amendment championed by State Senator Lois Kolkhorst, R-Brenham, designed to ensure families had access to loved ones in nursing homes or care facilities even under pandemic conditions. That passed 845 in favor to 60 against in Wharton County and 87.87 percent for and 12.13 percent against statewide.

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