The Mid Coast Campus Care-ECISD clinic opened Wednesday at the high school the first day of class with staff ready to serve students and district employees.

Now the district’s 3,690 students plus faculty and staff have a central location to go to for certain health care needs without having to set up a doctor’s appointment.

The clinic provides general health care services treating sore throats to giving physicals to caring for chronic conditions.

“ECISD is excited to partner with El Campo Memorial Hospital to offer accessible healthcare,” Superintendent Kelly Waters said.

“Healthy students and staff are vital to the district mission.”

Temperature restrictions and refrigeration requirements do not allow the clinic to provide childhood immunizations at this time, however vaccinations are available at Mid Coast Medical Clinic, located at 305 Sandy Corner adjacent to El Campo Memorial Hospital, according to Donna Mikeska, who does marketing for the hospital.

Mikeska doesn’t have projections of how many patients the clinic could see on a daily basis.

“We have no idea, however students from all of the ECISD campuses will have access. If a child is feeling ill at Hutchins Elementary, Northside, Myatt or the middle school, they will be bused to the clinic by staff for a visit to Mid Coast Campus Care,” Mikeska said.

The time of year Mikeska does anticipate more traffic coming through the clinic is during flu season and allergy season.

“We usually see a rise in respiratory illnesses. With the easy access of the campus care clinic, we hope to fill a gap for those that have a hard time making it to the doctor’s office,” she said.

Serving the clinic is Anita Crisp, clinic director, Shelia Webel, nursing supervisor, Elizabeth Sbrusch, nurse practitioner, Paula Gobellan, nurse, and Shawn Beechwood, IT director.

“The school was wonderful about making the necessary modifications to the location for the campus care clinic.

“ We provided the necessary medical equipment, medical/office supplies and medications,” Mikeska said.

Mikeska and clinic staff are looking forward to this partnership with the district.

“El Campo Memorial Hospital and Mid Coast Medical Clinic are excited about being able to reach out into our community and offer easier access to health care,” Mikeska said.

“The Mid Coast Campus Care clinic at ECISD will provide health care to many who may find it difficult to make it to a doctor’s appointment.

“It is hoped that the ease and access to health care services will not only improve health but also improve attendance,” she added.

“We are glad to collaborate with the school to provide this innovative health care clinic, and we very much appreciate the support of Superintendent Kelly Waters and her staff.”

The clinic is open school hours from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and accepts most insurance.

It is closed during school holidays and summer break.

In addition to the ECISD clinic, El Campo Memorial Hospital will opening a Mid Coast Campus Care at the Wharton County Junior College by the end of August.

Another clinic was recently approved by Louise ISD and will open soon.

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