El Campo High School Principal Demetric Wells presents a district facilities committee report to the ECISD board of trustees at the July regular meeting.

An El Campo ISD facilities committee report found that although areas of need exist throughout the district, the most glaring are on the high school campus.

District wide, facilities are in need of replacement, repair, re-purposing and in some cases demolition. The committee, made up of board members, campus administrators and other district staff conducted walk-throughs of all of the campuses in June. Properties other than the campuses included the maintenance building, bus barn, ball park, ag barn and administration building. The committee submitted a prioritized list to the ECISD board at its July meeting.

Out of a list of 40 areas of need that spanned all of the campuses, the top 10 ranked from highest to lowest are as follows:

• H building,high school.

• Cafeteria, high school.

• Climate control district wide to reduce mold, mildew and humidity damage.

• Autism classroom/other portable buildings, high school.

• Weight room/athletic storage, high school.

• Junior varsity locker room along with baseball, soccer, cheerleader locker rooms/storage, high school.

• Restrooms throughout the high school.

• Exterior lighting, Myatt Elementary.

• A building fresh air handler, high school.

• Three areas tied for ninth rank: front office safety (relocate check-in window, tint or wrap windows and lockable doors in Hallway A, both at Hutchins Elementary, and updating AVS building, high school.

• Modernizing C Building, high school ranked tenth.

Highlighted concerns from the report include containing staph infection, growth in the athletic program, the high school cafeteria and the H building.

The concern about Staph infection was raised after the committee toured the weight room, equipment storage area and junior varsity field house because of a lack of adequate cooling, ventilation, taped equipment and old carpet. It was cited that the number of athletes has grown to the point two teams are using the original field house, which was deemed to be destroyed, but was eventually earmarked for maintenance storage during the last bond. The building has not been repurposed and lacks cooling and ventilation.

The cafeteria roof also leaks and it is not large enough to seat all of the students needing to eat lunch while the H Building sky lights leak.

Assistant Superintendent of Finances David Bright and Jeff Balcar, district maintenance director, agree that many of the issues identified can be contracted or completed by the maintenance staff while costs for other projects could come from fund balance, and still others can’t be done within the standard school district budget.

A discussion item only, the board decided to further prioritize the list of needs to make recommendations on items trustees wish to consider addressing with fund balance monies or contracted services.

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