El Campo City Council soundly rejected a trash company plan Monday night for once-a-month brush collection by neighborhood.

The zone pickup proposal fell 6-1 with only Councilwoman Gloria Harris giving it any support.

“My answer is a big fat no,” Councilman David Hodges told Waste Connections District Manager Abel Moreno after hearing his request to divide the city into four quadrants.

Although each zone would only receive brush pickup once per month, Moreno claimed it was not a decrease in service.

Council disagreed.

“The time to address this was when we signed the contract,” District 1 Councilwoman Anisa Longoria-Vasquez said, adding the problem was “a management issue,” one council should not consider unless there was a reduction in cost.

Waste Connections management had no plan to lower the cost.

Hodges also said any service change of that magnitude needed to be done via the contract. However, the current agreement with the city has two and a half years still left on its term.

City garbage providers have consistently provided once-a-week brush service for residents, but Moreno said that was an issue. 

Moreno said that was an issue.

“Right now, we’re managing the entire city and we’re putting out fires,” he said.

Councilman Hodges offered a solution. “More trucks and employees will take care of that,” he said.

The city has butted heads with the trash company before, from football field-sized piles left behind by Tropical Storm Bill to poor brush collection at intervals over the last two years.

Moreno, the trash company representative, contends that crews get overwhelmed.

Council, however, was unwilling to bend.

“I’m concerned that stuff sits out a month,” Mayor Randy Collins said. “I think you need to go back to the drawing board. It (zone collection) is not in the contract.”

No additional options were offered by Waste Connections.

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