Wondering what your El Campo city water bill will be next month? Ever concerned that you might have a leak? There will soon be an app for that, City Finance Director Brittni Nanson told council Monday.

The WaterSmart program works with new water meters installed throughout the city over the last few months and will soon be linked to a continuous read system.

Almost ready to go online, the program allows residents to monitor water usage from an app with a cellular phone or tablet, or website with a desktop computer.

“It’s a lot more user friendly,” Nanson said, adding the new system can self-monitor, checking for leaks and notifying both the city utility department and account holder of uses significantly out of the norm.”

“Now if you lave a leak, we would not know about it until it’s read again (assuming it’s not obvious). This (the new program) is real time,” Nanson said.

Once the system is fully online, El Campo utility customers will have to sign up to get the information.

“I’m excited about this,” Councilwoman Anisa Vasquez said. “I pay my bills by autodraft. I had a leak for three months and didn’t know.”

That’s the current problem, Nanson said, “Now, unless the customer notices, We don’t know.”


City Council Prepares For Service


Mayor Christoper Barbee kicked off his term Monday, preparing the council for the upcoming year with committee assignments.

Committees, generally three elected officials working with staff, review information and make recommendations before issues go before the full council. No meeting minutes are kept of these sessions.

The city mayor alone makes the decisions on who should serve and where. The following appointments were made to serve November 2020 to May 2021:

Public Works Committee: David Hodges, Eugene Bustamante and Philip Miller.

Blighted Building Ordinance Review Committee: Hodges, John Hancock and Anisa Vasquez.

Finance Committee: Bustamante, Barbee and Hancock.

Comprehensive Plan Oversight Committee: Barbee, Miller and Vasquez.

Employee Benefits Committee: Hodges, Gloria Harris and Hancock.

Solid Waste Contract Committee: Barbee, Harris and Vasquez.

The Skateboard Committee was disbanded.

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