Wharton County 

Grand Jury Indictments

October Deliberations


(Note: An indictment is not an indication of guilt, but rather a citizen jury’s verdict that a prosecutor has enough evidence against a person to proceed with felony charges.)

Those facing trial include:


• Jesus Manuel Martinez, 30, of 307 W. Alfred in El Campo for two counts of possession of a controlled substance on Aug. 8. He stands accused of having more than 4 grams of methamphetamine and more than a gram of Ecstasy.

Martinez has prior felony convictions for escape on Sept. 9, 2008 in Wharton County, prohibited substance in a correctional facility of Feb. 13, 2013 in Brazoria County and April 11 for possession of a controlled substance in Wharton County.

• Tameka Lashawn McCullough, 32, of 12281 Ora Lee Road in East Bernard for reckless injury to a child on Aug. 10. She allegedly struck a child on the head causing injury.

• Jessica Lauren McMurrey, 41, of 402 Sycamore in Wharton for interference with child custody on June 30.

• Hipolito Medina-Hernandez, 32, of 762 FM 442 in Lane City for two counts of driving while intoxicated with a child passenger on Aug. 16. The children were ages four and six.

• Angel Fernando Mendoza, 20, of 7909 Hawes in Hungerford for possession of a controlled substance on Aug. 15. He allegedly had less than a gram of the active ingredient in marijuana.

• Lazaro Francisco Miranda, 27, of 9967 CR 405 in El Campo for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle on July 26.

• Tyler Joe Neal, 34, of 3701 Robinhood, Apt. 50A, in Temple for possession of a controlled substance on Aug. 1. He stands accused of having more than 4 grams of cocaine.

Neal has a prior felony conviction for robbery on Nov. 6, 2012 in Lubbock County.

• Jose Juan Olvera, 36, of 702 Divide in El Campo for driving while intoxicated third or more offense on July 27.

Olvera has two prior misdemeanor DWI convictions, one in Wharton County and one in Matagorda County as well as two felony DWI convictions – on July 19, 2011 and April 20, 2017, both in Wharton County.

• Mario Jose Palma Padilla, 28, of 1106 MLK Blvd. in El Campo for indecency with a child by contact on Aug. 1.

• Genaro Ramirez Jr., 33, of 412 E. Caney in Wharton for possession of a controlled substance on Aug. 21. He allegedly had more than a gram of methamphetamine.

• Robert Resendez Jr., 39, of 413 E. Correll in El Campo for three counts of forgery. He allegedly forged a name on a government unemployment hours verification form on May 28, June 3 and June 10.

• Van Jason Rozner, 48, of 4669 Hwy. 11 in Midfield for theft on July 28. He allegedly stole more than $2,500 in store merchandise.

• Elana Sue Scott, 32, of 1523 Columbine in Wharton for theft with two or more previous convictions on Sept. 2. She allegedly stole shrimp from a grocery store, but faces felony punishment as a result of two previous misdemeanor theft convictions.

• Andrew Dwain Simmons, 59, of 1012 W. Milam in Wharton for having a prohibited weapon on Aug. 31. He allegedly had a sawed off shotgun.

• Keeton Smith, 39, of 12211 Calm Feather in Houston for fleeing the scene of a wreck where a person was injured on Feb. 6.

• Kaydra Drayun Sparks, 21, of 818 Empire in El Campo for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Aug. 10. She stands accused of using a fork to attack a man, striking him.

• Joe Torres III, 51, of 10512 FM 1301 in Boling for evading arrest with a vehicle on June 15. He allegedly fled from a sheriff’s deputy.

• Pius Adam Warzecha, 31, of 611 E. West in El Campo for family violence with a deadly weapon causing serious injury, unlawful restraint and endangering a child on Aug. 19. He allegedly used a belt to attack a woman he was dating, striking her body. Warzecha also stands accused of holding the woman prisoner in a room and placing her child at risk.

• Demonte Lavon Williams, 23, of 408 S. Sheppard in Wharton for obstruction or retaliation on June 27. He allegedly threaten to harm a woman who reported a crime.

• Eva Mabry Williams, 62, of 119 Thompson in El Campo for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on June 6. She stands accused of using a box cutter to threaten a man.

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